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Bed bugs are small insects that have flat bodies which makes it very easy for them to slip through the tiniest cracks, making them extremely difficult to locate.

At ABC Pest Control, we are 100% committed to providing both residents and businesses in Blue Mountains with the absolute highest quality bed bug inspections and treatments available today.

If you have any suspicions of bed bugs in your home or commercial property all you have to do is give one of our friendly bed bug controllers at ABC Pest Control a call for a quick solution and peace of mind.

Bed bugs in the Blue Mountains are not only found in bed but a number of household items including:

  • Toys
  • Clothes
  • Laptops
  • Clocks
  • Carpets
  • Picture Frames
  • Desks
  • Chairs
  • Couches
  • Much, much more
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Over the history of bed bugs, they have developed a strong resistance to pesticides which allows bed bugs to spread without any consequences.

What happens if I get bitten by a bed bug?

Most of the time, you won’t even realise you’ve been bitten by a bed bug. Despite what doctors say, most of the time doctors themselves have not seen a bed bug bite so they wouldn’t have any idea what the symptoms are.

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Bites from bed bugs can range from small red bumps to large welts and also scabby pimple-type bumps.

If you have any of these symptoms you most likely have bed bugs in your home and need an urgent bed bug inspection.

Don’t delay any longer, pick up the phone and call us today for a thorough bed bug inspection for your Blue Mountains home.

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